1. Physical – chemical testing

In quality control laboratory we perform sensory and organoleptic control of the samples, and determination of the following parameters:

  • Protein content according to Kjeldahl Procedure using infra-red sample digestor- model Inkjel P, automatic distillation - model S5 and automatic titration – model TB1 –Behr laboratory equipment
  • Humidity content ( classic method and with moisture analyzers MB 45 – Ohaus equipment)
  • Lipid content (total and free fats) according to Soxhlet extraction
  • Ash and crude ash content
  • Urease activity in ΔpH or mgN/g/min.

Laboratory in equipped with Analyzer for rapid determination of humidity, protein, lipid, ash and cellulose content in soybean meals.

2. Microbiological testing of food and animal feed:

  • Total number of bacteria, according to ISO 4833
  • Yeast and mold content, according to ISO 21527
  • Detection of Enterobacteriacea, according to ISO 21528
  • Detection of Sulphite reducing bacteria, according to ISO 15213
  • Detection of Salmonella, according to ISO 6579
  • Detection of Escherichia coli, according to ISO 16649

For all the analysis we are not equipped for, as well as for control of our results, we use services of external high evaluated laboratories in Serbia and region.

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