Supplementary feed for fattening chicken

Supplementary feed is used for making complete feed for chicken in fattening from 1 to 42 day of growing, by mixing it with corn.

Ingredients: Products of oil industry, corn milling products, byproducts of grains processing, mineral nutrients (mono calcium phosphate, CaCO3, salt for animal use), vitamin- mineral premix, flavor, a synthetic amino acids, antioxidant (E320, E321), magnesium oxide, enzymes.

Fizicko hemijske karakteristike:

Proteinsmin. 40%
Moisturemax. 13%
Cellulosemax. 8%
Ashmax. 16%
Calcium2,8 - 3,0%


Preparation of complete feedFrom 1 - 28 daysFrom 22 - 42 days