Supplementary feed for fattening pigs

Supplementary feed is used for making complete feed for fattening pigs, by mixing it with grains.

Ingredients: Products of oil industry, byproducts of grain processing, corn milling products, mineral nutrients (mono calcium phosphate, CaCO3 , salt for animal use), vitamin-mineral premix, flavor, a synthetic amino acids, antioxidant (E320, E321), enzymes.


  • Good feed conversion
  • High leanness
  • Excellent meat quality
  • Shorter fattening period

Fizicko hemijske karakteristike:

Proteinsmin. 35 %
Moisturemax. 12 %
Ashmax. 15 %
Calcium2,2 - 2,7 %
Phosphorusmin 1,5%


Preparation of complete feedPigs from 25 - 60kgPigs over 60kg