Complete feed for laying hens for consuming eggs I

A complete feed for laying hens for consuming eggs from 18 to 52 week .

Ingredients: Grains, products of oil industry, corn milling products, byproducts of grains processing, starch industry products, mineral nutrients (monocalcium phosphate, CaCO3 , salt for animal use, sodiumbicarbonate), vitamin-mineral premixes, flavors, synthetic amino acids, magnesium oxide, enzymes, antioxidant (E320, E321), carophyll.


  • Optimal ratio of amino acids
  • Optimal ratio of vitamins, micro and macro elements
  • Containing enzymes: phytase
  • Contains the flavor


  • Healthy laying hens
  • High egg-laying capacity 
  • Large, heavy and clean eggs with a hard shell
  • Nice yolk color
  • Higher profits

Fizicko hemijske karakteristike:

Proteinsmin. 16,5%
Moisturemax. 13,5%
Cellulosemax. 8%
Ashmax. 13%
Calcium3,2 - 4,0%