Premier Piggy Predstart - complete feed for piglets 18%

Complete feed is used for feeding piglets from day 5 of growth to 10 days after weaning. Provide feed free-choice to piglets. Always provide fresh, clean water.

Ingredients: heat-treated grains, products of oil industry, corn milling products, byproducts of grain processing, whey powder, potato proteins, dextrose, mineral nutrients (mono calcium phosphate, CaCO3, salt for animal use), vitamin-mineral premix, flavor, benzoic acid, a synthetic amino acid, antioxidant (E320, E321), enzymes.


  • Contains easily digestible proteins, milk proteins and lactose
  • Optimal ratio of amino acids
  • Optimal ratio of vitamins, micro and macro elements
  • Contains enzymes: phytase, beta-glucanase and beta-xylanase
  • Contains acidifiers
  • Contains flavor


  • Healthy, resistant and well-developed piglets
  • Reduced risk of diarrhea and mortality of piglets during suckling and the weaning period
  • Easy weaning, increased weight in weaning - with uniform weight of litter
  • Pleasant taste and smell-increased consumption of food in the first days of life of piglets
  • High digestibility and utilization of nutrients-solid growth and conversion
  • Efficiency in fight against pathogenic bacteria E. coli, K. pneumonia, Staphylococcus, Lactobacillus salivarius ...
  • Reduction of ammonia, which leads to a significant reduction of respiratory diseases
  • Reduced costs of disease treatment
  • Feed preservation and reduced presence of mold, mildew and pathogenic bacteria in the food.

Fizicko hemijske karakteristike:

Proteinsmin. 18 %
Moisturemax. 12%
Fatmin. 6 %
Cellulosemax 3.5%
Ashmax. 8%